About Us

Who we are

T Dallal was founded in 2017 by T dallal logistics general trading company that took advantage of the online food ordering opportunity that existed in the Kuwait market.

Use our GPS technology to locate yourself, choose your favorite restaurant and meal, and checkout. T Dallal allows you to pay however you prefer and save your delivery details for easy reordering.

Why T dallal

T dallal makes it easier for restaurants and customers to spread in business smoothly with each other. The benefits of our online restaurant delivery network include;

◙ Easily search for your favorite food by area or cuisine from a wide range of restaurants

◙ Elimination of phone order misunderstandings arising from communication barriers

◙ Use exciting promotions and discounts from restaurants near you

◙ Place an order for immediate delivery or schedule for later

◙ Rate and review your order experience

◙ Refine your search by cuisine, delivery area, payment options, offers and more

◙ Browse through food delivery menus complete images and descriptions

◙ Customize your order: add extra toppings, sauces and more

◙ Save multiple addresses for a faster checkout

◙ Make a quick order when you're hungry, no need to sign up

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